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What they say about us

"We worked in tight collaboration with simplexico to define the project goals and iterate rapidly to build a really powerful solution in less than a month. By taking a pragmatic approach, simplexico was able to achieve the required deliverables ahead of schedule and move on to tackling additional nice-to-have requirements!”

Samuel King

CTO, Briink

Recent projects

Enriching the EU Taxonomy using NLP

A case study of how we used NLP to improve the user experience of working with the EU Taxonomy.

See how it works

Step 1 - Initial call

We first jump on a call to be sure we can tailor our services 100% to your needs. We learn about you, your business and your needs and come up with a project plan. We'll also define success criteria and user acceptance criteria together.

Step 2 - Rapid prototyping

We develop a rapid prototype with a deployed demo application that we can put in your hands. This will help you get a more concrete idea of how the final solution will work.

Step 3 - Test and iterate

With the rapid prototype, we cycle from model development to user testing to continually improve performance until we meet the user acceptance criteria.

Step 4 - Integrate and deliver

We'll add a production-grade polish to our work and integrate it into your systems to deliver the final solution.

Our Stack





Machine Learning



PyTorch Lightning


Natural Language Processing


Natural Language ToolKit










Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Why us


We have 10+ years of combined experience designing and delivering AI solutions in the legal sector.

Zero Hype

We'll be honest and upfront with you about where AI can and can't help. No hype or empty buzzwords involved.

White-glove Service

Your needs are important. We start with your needs and work to deliver a dedicated and tailored solution.

No Middlemen

No sales, marketing or product people to deal with. You'll have direct access to Legal AI experts.

Security First

Data privacy, confidentiality and security are considered from the very first conversation. We come and work inside your systems. No data has to ever leave your organisation.

IP Ownership

You will own the IP for any deliverables including annotated datasets, trained models and deployed APIs.

Harness the power of Legal AI with our white-glove education, design and development services