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Take charge of innovation! Get clarity on Legal AI with our FREE monthly Legal AI Clinic. Stay ahead with insights and advice every month from our leading Legal AI experts.

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What's included in the Legal AI Clinic?

A breakdown of what the Legal AI Clinic has to offer

Free Forever

We are committed to spreading the good cheer of demystifying AI across the legal industry. The Legal AI Clinic will remain free forever for everyone. Just don't forget to spread the word!

Every Month

The Legal AI Clinic will run every month on the last Thursday of the month so you can mark it in your calendar, drop in and book a slot whenever you need support and guidance on Legal AI.

1-1 Consultation

Book a 1-1 Legal AI Clinic session directly with a Legal AI expert who knows their stuff when it comes to Legal AI without having to go through an account executive or a sales representative. No sales! Just good old-fashioned advice.

How can the Legal AI Clinic help me?

Key advantages of the Legal AI Clinic for you

Cut Through The Hype

Find the signal and cut through the deafening noise and hype surrounding Legal AI by speaking to our Legal AI experts who are working in the front-line trenches designing and building bespoke Legal AI solutions for law firms and legal teams.

Your Questions Answered

Any and all questions are welcome at the Legal AI Clinic! Whether you are just starting out and getting your head around Legal AI or want to dive deep into technical specifics on Generative AI and LLMs, our Legal AI experts are ready to help.

Insights to Accelerate Your Innovation

Benefit from the insights of our Legal AI experts as they are working across the industry with leading law firms and legal teams across the globe on designing and building bespoke Legal AI solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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