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Serving your Legal AI needs across education, design and development so you can harness the power of Legal AI in your work.

Our Story

Every story starts with a first page. Every adventure with a first step. Every dream with a breath of optimism. simplexico was born in August 2022 out of the realisation that the current vendor/client product SaaS paradigm is not conducive to delivering value with AI in legal.

After spending a number of years designing and building AI and NLP solutions at leading legal tech startups and corporate innovation labs, we realised there must be a better way of doing AI in legal.

Thereโ€™s a huge gap between the makers; those actually building the Legal AI solutions, and the users; those who end up using the Legal AI solutions. Across the chasm are product, sales, marketing, innovation and procurement teams. The gap is so large it means that most Legal AI solutions arenโ€™t well-designed and are far from being user-centric.

With a white-glove consulting approach and a passion to deliver bespoke user friendly Legal AI solutions, we aim to cut out the middle man and put the makers of Legal AI solutions in direct communication with the users.

Where it all started. Pitching the idea at Legal Geek Chicago in the Summer of 2022.

Our values and approach

simple > complex

Complexity makes it easy to play smoke and mirrors. Despite the complexity of AI, our solutions are focused on simplicity and transparency so that they can be understood, explained and deliver value.

honesty > hype

The hype around Legal AI has done more harm than good. AI is great at some things and not so great at other things. Weโ€™ll be honest and upfront with you about where AI will be best placed to serve your needs.

service > sales

With a servant leadership approach, our goal is to successfully serve your needs and help you on your AI journey. Weโ€™re not in the business of aggressive sales or selling you something that wonโ€™t be used.

users > everyone

With a user-centric approach we put the users first and foremost above everyone else. We make sure our solutions serve their needs and enable them to be better at what they do.

As a fledgling and nascent company, we are bootstrapping. We decided against taking on investment to instead focus on directly serving customers. We have no greedy investors to appease, corporate board members to placate or convoluted structures and process in place. We're not in a hurry to scale or grow. Our number one priority is you, the customer. We have a small, nimble and proactive team that are laser-focused on serving your needs. We go above and beyond to deliver high quality and value-loaded solutions.

We're in the business of good old fashioned quality service delivery through a combination of deep technical expertise with AI and extensive practical experience in the legal domain. Our services are designed to go beyond the shallow narrative of "AI replacing lawyers" to serve your Legal AI needs across education, design and development. We're in the business of delivering bespoke Legal AI solutions that will cut through the hype, create trust and make life more enjoyable for legal professionals.

simplexico exists to help legal professionals step into a future of collaboration, not competition, with AI. Itโ€™s a mission based on positivity, optimism and hope about the future. A future where AI is discussed openly and honestly as a transformative technology rather than a marketing tool. A future where AI - done properly - can help to lift the manual burden so legal professionals can spend time doing the work they actually enjoy. A future where technology helps to realise human potential and creativity.

Meet the team


Uwais Iqbal

Founder ๐Ÿ‘ท๐Ÿป

Uwais Iqbal is a Data Scientist with over 5 years worth of experience designing, building and delivering Machine Learning and NLP solutions across leading legal tech start-ups and a corporate innovation lab. He has held roles as a Machine Learning Engineer at Eigen Technologies, and as a Senior NLP Data Scientist at Thomson Reuters Labs and ThoughtRiver.

Uwais Iqbal also holds a BSc and MSc in Physics from Imperial College London and an MA in Islamic Studies from SOAS.


Jordan Muscatello

Senior Legal AI Chef ๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿณ

Jordan Muscatello is a Data Scientist with over half a decade's worth of experience providing advanced NLP and Machine Learning solutions to business problems, predominantly in the legal sector. Jordan's background is in academia where he gained a Masters degree in Physics and a PhD in Computational Chemical Physics from Imperial College London. He subsequently worked as a postdoc for BP's International Centre for Advanced Materials within the Chemical Engineering department at Imperial College London.

His interest in Machine Learning eventually led him to a career in Data Science, where he has held Senior and Lead Data Scientist positions across various startups and scale-ups including Eigen Technologies and ThoughtRiver. He also co-founded Tabled, a legal-tech startup, via Founders Factory. Jordan enjoys working end-to-end from research through to deployment and finds the most rewarding aspect of his work is placing a working solution into the hands of the user.

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