Our Values

honesty > hype

The hype around Legal AI has done more harm than good. AI is great at some things and not so great at other things. We’ll be honest and upfront with you about where AI will be best placed to serve your needs.

simple > complex

Complexity makes it easy to play smoke and mirrors. Despite the complexity of AI, our solutions are focused on simplicity and transparency so that they can be understood, explained and deliver value.

service > sales

With a servant leadership approach, our goal is to successfully serve your needs and help you on your AI journey. We’re not in the business of aggressive sales or selling you something that won’t be used.

Our Approach


Innovation isn’t about throwing out the tried, trusted and tested in place of shiny new toys. To innovate is to use the tools of today to remove the pains of yesterday so you can focus on solving the problems of tomorrow.


With countless legal tech solutions, fragmentation is a real problem. We want to work with you to develop bespoke solutions that integrate with existing workflow tools that you already know and love.


Through our work we want to inspire the legal sector to question the ‘facts of life’ and explore the possibilities with AI to discover what the future might hold.

Meet the Team

Uwais has over 5 years of experience designing, building and delivering Machine Learning and NLP solutions across leading legal tech start-ups and a corporate innovation lab. He has held roles as a Machine Learning Engineer at Eigen Technologies, and as a Senior NLP Data Scientist at Thomson Reuters Labs and ThoughtRiver.

Uwais also holds a BSc and MSc in Physics from Imperial College London and an MA in Islamic Studies from SOAS.

“Simplexico was born out of the realisation that work in the legal profession is nuanced, subtle and still involves lots of manual effort. AI, done properly, can help to lift the manual burden so legal professionals can spend time doing the work they actually enjoy.” – Uwais Iqbal


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