Accelerate your innovation with the Legal AI Starter Pack

Navigate the Legal AI landscape confidently with our Legal AI Starter Pack consisting of tailored trainings, interactive workshops, and supplementary advisory support to get you on your feet.

What's included in the Legal AI Starter Pack?

Fundamentals of AI

Training Session | Everyone

While unpacking buzzwords, busting hype and answering common questions, we develop a shared understanding covering the basics of what everyone needs to know about AI.

Technical Deep Dive into LLMs

Training Session | IT, Innovation, Legal Tech

A technical deep dive into the inner workings of Large Language Models (LLMs); how they are trained, the different ways they can be customised and how they can be used in developing AI applications.

A Builder's Guide to Legal AI

Training Session | IT, Innovation, Legal Tech

A breakdown of the technical, data and cloud knowledge needed to effectively build Legal AI applications inside the firm safely and securely with a cloud provider like Microsoft Azure.

The Emerging Legal AI Landscape

Training Session | Leadership

A high-level overview of Legal AI market trends as well as the rapidly evolving AI technology landscape to equip leadership with the knowledge and insights needed to lead transformation.

Legal AI Use Case Detection Workshop

Interactive Workshop | Innovation and Legal

An interactive workshop to help teams detect and articulate Legal AI use cases in the practice of law using our Legal AI Canvas.

Legal AI Support

Advisory | Leadership, Innovation, Legal Tech

Supplementary consulting advisory hours to support teams as they embark on their Legal AI journey.

How can the Legal AI Starter Pack help me?

Clarity - Cut Through The Noise

Get clarity and Find the signal by cutting through the deafening noise and hype surrounding Legal AI by learning from our Legal AI experts who have carefully curated everything you need to know to get started with Legal AI.

Pragmatic - Strictly Zero Hype

Our training sessions and workshops take a pragmatic and realistic approach to Legal AI by putting aside the hype to focus on how to create real and lasting transformation with Legal AI.

Accelerate - Insights To Kick Start Innovation

Benefit from the insights of our Legal AI experts as they lead the Legal AI conversation across the industry through their work with leading law firms and legal teams across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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