The Legal AI Soup

Uwais Iqbal2023-02-01

Why is it so difficult to get the Legal AI soup just right? Where do things go wrong? How can we do things better?

Why can't we just get the Legal AI soup to go?

Legal AI dishes seem to always fall apart.

Especially while they are still being cooked.

Where do things go wrong? Is the cooking temperature too high? Is it the ingredients, the recipe?

Data and vegetables are kind of the same.

They both can be well organised and ready to use. Or, they can be in need of some care and attention. Bad vegetables will give you a bad dish as will bad data.

Unstructured data is like a messy vegetable garden. The vegetables are there waiting to be reaped but you have to wait until they are ripe and put in the effort to harvest them.

Structured data is like finely sliced and diced vegetables. Clean, structured and ready to be used in a Legal AI soup with the right recipe and cooked at the right temperature.

Law firms and corporate legal departments are literally orchards of data. They are in the midst of trees of legal contracts, bushes of matters, vines of cases and more.

We all want to skip ahead and enjoy the taste of a well-done innovative Legal AI dish. But the reality is that preparing data for use with Legal AI is much like harvesting and preparing vegetables from a garden.

It takes time and effort!

Just as you can't cook a good dish without the right vegetables and preparing them properly, a Legal AI dish without the right data and proper data preparation will inevitably go wrong.

The upshot of preparing data properly is that well-structured and organised data can be used and reused to make any number of Legal AI dishes.