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We have the recipes and the Legal AI Chefs. You have the ingredients. Hire a Legal AI Chef to tailor a Legal AI solution to your taste without data ever leaving your systems.

Try it out - Use AI to label a legal clause

Try it out - Use AI to label a legal contract

Our solutions

A process, not an event

A Legal AI model is a process not an event. It's an end-product. It's a result of a process that can be tweaked and tuned to suit your needs.

Thinking about Legal AI

Rather than thinking about Legal AI in a vague way, we can be more precise about the desired action we want to perform. Legal AI can be used to label passages of text. Be they sentences, clauses or documents.

An analogy

Building a Legal AI model is a lot like cooking. A πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ chef (data scientist) combines the πŸ₯’ ingredients (data) according to a recipe πŸ“œ (algorithm) and 🍳 cooks the meal (trains the model) in the πŸ”ͺ kitchen (computing environment). Once the πŸ₯§ meal (AI model) is ready, it can be πŸ›Ž served (deployed) to a πŸ’πŸ»customer (user) ready to be 🍽 eaten (used) and enjoyed πŸ˜‹ (meeting the user's needs).

Label use cases

Can you think of where legal professionals need to label text as part of their work? There are use cases across due diligence work, contract repapering exercises as well as case law analysis. Can you think of any others?

Why us


We have 10+ years of combined experience designing and delivering AI solutions in the legal sector.

Zero Hype

We'll be honest and upfront with you about where AI can and can't help. No hype or empty buzzwords involved.

White-glove Service

Your needs are important. We start with your needs and work to deliver a dedicated and tailored solution.

No Middlemen

No sales, marketing or product people to deal with. You'll have direct access to Legal AI experts.

Security First

Data privacy, confidentiality and security are considered from the very first conversation. We come and work inside your systems. No data has to ever leave your organisation.

IP Ownership

You will own the IP for any deliverables including annotated datasets, trained models and deployed APIs.

Harness the power of Legal AI with our white-glove education, design and development services